Sunday, November 28, 2010

What i wore: Dinner with parents

SO there it is, One of my outfit put together for my new
VICTORIA G platforms!  and i have to let you all know 
that i am completely in love with these heels. They are super
comfortable and are extremely sparkly. i got so many compliments 
yesterday when i wore them.

 I wore: 
       JEANS:   GUESS 
       BLOUSE & EARRINGS:   forever21 
      CARDIGAN/VEST: hand made by my mom


Friday, November 26, 2010

My mini BAKERS black day shopping

So i went inside bakers, just because i seen this babiies..
as soon as i seen them i knew they were going to leave home with me.
i started my black friday shopping all late due to the fact that i was
too lazy to get up from bed early, & by the time i arrived to the mall
mostly all the good deals were GONE!!! Here is a little preview of
my VICTORIA G .... outfit will come up soon!!