Sunday, June 24, 2012

Natural Makeup for older women

Natural makeup for older women! 

     Makeup for older women can sometimes be a bit difficult. As we age our skin starts to wrinkle and sometimes it starts loosing it's natural texture.  Specially around the eye area! (in my mom's case) she never wears makeup, she sometimes wears mascara, lipstick, and a tiny bit of blush! (like her) they are plenty of women who were never used to (daily makeup) And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but i do feel that sometimes all that little extra good stuff makes almost anyone feel more beautiful & confident :) 

So i did her makeup to test out if individual eyelashes looked less dramatic on her eyes and she would adapt to them better than she did to the full thick looking fake eyelashes! To my surprise she LOVED THEM!!!  I couldn't be anymore  I am such a makeup freak and i felt that finally my mom has started to get a little tinny bit of interest in the beauty world.  

On to the makeup look:
  1. I did a very soft eye makeup look *bronzed eyes with very long natural eyelashes.
  2. Added bottom individual eyelashes (they looked so natural)
  3. very contoured cheek bones, forehead 
  4. i did had to blend two different foundation colors to find the perfect match for her. 
  5. Reshaped her eyebrows!  my mom has very thin short eyebrows due to all the twizzing she has been overdoing for soooooo many year. & i have finally convinced her to start letting them grow :) 
  6. For the lips i tried two different colors a pinkish look & a redish look, she loves red/brown lipsticks. so she went for the darker look . 

* If you are doing makeup for older women make sure not to overdue the eye makeup colors! 

Bottom eyelashes (Don't they look super natural) 
 Pinkish lips!
 Dark reddish lips!

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