Sunday, July 1, 2012

My most used MAC lipsticks

My most used MAC lipsticks 

Hello my gorgeous dolls, Today i will be updating you guys on my most used MAC lipsticks. I also have other lipsticks that i use a lot from other brands but for now i will only be doing my MAC ones since i use 2/3 of them almost every day!

From left to right:
  1. HUE (its still in the nude category but it's more on the peachy side)
  2. MYTH (i have 2 of these) since i use it almost every day & its very nude)
  3. SNOB (i also have 2 of these) snob is definitely my FAVORITE lipstick EVER!!
  4. CREME D' NUDE (the best glossy nude lipstick! it's almost similar to myth)
  5. GIRL ABOUT TOWN (a perfect hot pink) 
  6. UP THE AMP (my favorite purple lipstick!) it's so pretty. i can't get enough of it.
  7. CHATTERBOX (such a pink lipstick) 

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xoxo tiina <3

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